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Volume 48, No. 6 - November & December 2016

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Fruit Gardener November/December 2016 cover

Photo by Carlos Velazco – Florianópolis, Brazil


Fruit Shoot Photo Contest Winners for 2016
Emory Walton has again conducted a photo contest resulting in wonderful images. Choosing from so many fine photos must be a challenge for the CRFG Development Fund committee.
Festival of Fruit 2016
Who might have imagined that the Central Coast Chapter would be able to top the 2010
Festival of Fruit that they conducted in San Luis Obispo? Well they did! See it all inside.
Espalier Your Fruiting Plants
Longtime CRFG member and popular gardening writer Lee Reich has done remarkable things with garden plants of all kinds, whether ornamental or fruiting. This excerpt from his best-selling book, Landscaping with Fruit, is a classic example—a glimpse at his approach to espaliering.
Asian Pears
If anyone among us has an analytical mind, it's Don Winterstein. Of course that's to be
expected from a career scientist in seismology. And he applies his skills to fruit trees. In this
case the problem at hand was getting familiar with pear trees and their traits and ailments.
Ingenious Food handling Techniques
Last winter on a flight to Thailand, Bev Alfeld and son Timothy had an unplanned overnight
stay in Japan due to an aircraft problem. So they saw the sights of Narita. And fruit, lots of
fruit. Lots of seafood. Perhaps the unique aspect is how much of it was dried and/or candied.

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