Volume 5 - 1973 Yearbook

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Better Roots Through Chemistry (4 pgs.)
Raymond F. Vincent
The White Sapote (5 pgs.)
Paul H. Thomson
The Yellow Sapote (3 pgs.)
Charles W. Ramsay
The Mamey or Red Sapote (11 pgs.)
Muriel Fisch
The Mamey Sapote in Florida (4 pgs.)
William F. Whitman
Notes on the Mamey Sapote (2 pgs.)
Paul H. Thomson
The Green Sapote (8 pgs.)
Paul H. Thomson
Adventure in Avocado Growing Under Drip Irrigation (18 pgs.)
Burton E. Fisch
Growing Rare Fruit in Northern California (24 pgs.)
John M. Riley
The Need to Develop Seedling Strains in Fruit Trees (10 pgs.)
Doug Hinds
The Roselle (3 pgs.)
John M. Riley
Jellies, Jams and Dried Fruit (5 pgs.)
Wilbur G. Wood
Twelve Commandments of Fruit Gardening (2 pgs.)

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