Volume 3 - 1971 Yearbook

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Acerola Comes to California - Loaded With Vitamin C (7 pgs.)
California's Only Pitanga Plantation (8 pgs.)
Nelson Westree
The Pitanga (12 pgs.)
John M. Riley
Cherry of the Rio Grande, Eugenia aggragata (13 pgs.)
W. Drysdale
The Edible Fruited Cacti (12 pgs.)
Helen Hegyi
Combatting Frost (9 pgs.)
W. Drysdale
Crysophyllum magalismontanum - The Stem Berry (1 pg.)
The Carob in California (42 pgs.)
Paul H. Thomson
Recipes: Fruit Pemican, Brandied Fruit (3 pgs.)
Barbara Boop
The Coconut (7 pgs.)
Pitanga Tea (2 pgs.)
The African Snail, Achalina fulica, in Florida (6 pgs.)
Nematodes in the Garden (6 pgs.)
Quail Gardens Foundation (3 pgs.)
U.S. Plant Introduction Station (6 pgs.)

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