What to Bring

(1) Scions, cuttings, divisions, tubers, bare-root plants, and seeds of unusual fruits, berries, nuts, vegetables, and herbs. (See below for more about preparing these materials for the exchange.)

(2) Gardening books, catalogs, tools, and other gardening-related items you don't need anymore but someone else would enjoy.

(3) DO NOT BRING: Any citrus or close relatives of citrus (because of Citrus Greening Disease), or any plant or seed you think may be infected with a pest or disease.

(4) DO REMOVE: Leaf-litter from all potted plants, and all excess soil from roots and tubers that you have dug, to reduce the chances of spreading pests or diseases.

(5) Do bring empty plastic bags, masking tape or labels, and a waterproof pen (or pencil) -- to bag and label the things you want to take home from the exchange.

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