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Pawpaw Planting Guide

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Those who attended the 1997 Festival of Fruit will remember Dr. Desmond Layne's engaging presentation on pawpaws and his very informative handouts. Now CRFG has received a copy of a new pawpaw resource. Dr. Layne says he developed it conceptually as he responded to hundreds of inquiries such as "how do I grow them," "where can I get them," "what is the best variety," and so on. The publication is an attempt to address some of these and other questions.

Called "Pawpaw Planting Guide: Cultivars and Nursery Sources," the 8-page brochure is an excellent road map for those who have been tempted to grow pawpaws but didn't know how to get started. It is co-authored by Snake C. Jones, R. Neal Peterson, Terrih-Angelah Turner, Dr. Kirk W. Pomper, and Dr. Layne.

Very briefly but authoritatively, the guide covers climate; site, soils and habitat; seed propagation, vegetative or clonal propagation; purchasing trees, caring for young trees, and pollination: natural and artificial. A chart listing pawpaw cultivars (with brief descriptions) and grafted tree sources and a key to nursery and seed sources listed by state complete the publication.

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