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National Organic Directory

Published by Community Alliance with Family Farmers. 1997. Can be ordered with VISA or Mastercard by calling (800) 852-3832, or mail check to CAFF, P.O. Box 363, Davis, CA 95617. $44.95 plus $6.00 S&H. $3.48 sales tax (CA residents). 400 pages.
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Reviewed 6/1997

The 14th annual National Organic Directory, published by the Community Alliance with Family Farmers, is now available. The new 400-page edition puts the most important information about the booming organic products industry at your fingertips:

The National Organic Directory gives a complete view of the organic industry today. Whether you are just starting out, or even if you are a seasoned organic industry insider, the Directory is an excellent source of information. The 1997 edition, even though the most comprehensive to date, is easy to use. Lister information (which includes contact names, phone/fax, terms and services, and regions served) has been improved with the addition of e-mail and Website addresses, and indexes for importers, exporters, manufacturers and processors.

For information on how to be listed in the 1998 Edition, call CAFF at (916) 756-8518, or inquire by e-mail at; Web site address is:

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