Book Review

Dictionary of Plant Genetics and Molecular Biology

by Gurbachan Miglani, Ph.D.

Food Products Press, 10 Alice Street, Binghamton, NY 13904-1580. 1998. 348 pages. Hard cover. $49.95.
(Price/availability info may have changed since original publication of review.)

Reviewed by Robert Chambers (7/1998)

The field of plant genetics is growing steadily and people with even just a general interest in horticulture see small but increasing reference to it. It is a very big field and has developed an extensive vocabulary of its own -- in many cases using terminology that looks simple, but turns out to have a special meaning in this field. The author points out, and I cannot argue with this, that a general dictionary or glossary has not been available for this field. I can testify that standard dictionaries are not much help.

If you read in this field, or refer to it in your writing, I would recommend you get a copy of this book. The author is an associate professor of genetics at the Punjab Agricultural University in India and has worked in the United States.

In reading through the dictionary I found that most definitions had in them words that I needed to look up elsewhere in this dictionary. While that suggests the dictionary is not very refined, it also testifies to the speed with which the field is growing, and suggests that any difficulties in using the dictionary would be magnified if I tried to navigate around in this subject without it.

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