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The Fruit Gardener magazine is a bimonthly publication distributed to current members and contains articles about fruits and vegetables that are of general interest. Features include articles on tips for beginners, desert gardening, recipes, book reviews and books for sale, a question-and-answer column, a calendar of events and reports on the latest seed acquisitions available to members. Advertisements offer rare, hardy and tropical fruit trees, as well as equipment and materials needed in and around the garden.

Fruit Facts are a series of publications that contain information on individual fruits, including botanical identification, description and culture notes based on California research, and characteristics of cultivars.
The Fruit Facts are now available on-line.
Printed copies of these fact sheets are available at nominal cost from CRFG and are also distributed through chapters and some nurseries.

CRFG Fruit List is a new and enlarged listing of fruit cultural data, arranged by scientific name, containing temperature limits and information on soil conditions for over 700 individual fruits. There is also a listing of over 1,000 fruits by their common names.
The Fruit List is now available on-line.

Indoor Citrus & Rare Fruit Society Newsletters
The Indoor Citrus & Rare Fruit Society was founded by Walter L. Doty in late 1981, dedicated to the development and enjoyment of indoor fruit culture. Issue #1 was published in the summer of 1981. It discontinued publication with Issue #34, following the death of Mr. Doty in 1990. CRFG purchased the inventory and the reprint rights to all 34 issues.

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