Fruit Shoot 2010

In its 14th annual photo contest, the CRFG Development Fund again offers 12 prizes.

Win for yourself or for someone else!


1st PRIZE (1 Winner): Choice of $100, or Admissions plus meals for two people at the 2010 Festival of Fruit

2nd PRIZE (2 Winners): Your choice of a 3-year CRFG domestic mail subscription/subscription extension, or a 5-year CRFG electronic mail subscription/subscription expansion, or $50, or Admission plus meals for one person at the 2010 Festival of Fruit

• 3rd PRIZE (4 Winners): Your choice of a 2-year CRFG domestic mail subscription/subscription extension, or a 3-year CRFG electronic mail subscription/subscription expansion, or $25, or admission (without meals) for one person to attend the 2010 Festival of Fruit

• 4th PRIZE (5 Winners): Your choice of a 1-year CRFG electronic subscription/subscription expansion, or $15, or 50% discounted admission for one person to attend the 2010 Festival of Fruit


Judging Guidelines

·         Judges will look for images emphasizing composition, design and color aesthetic images, as opposed to those that merely document or convey information. Inclusion of people, hands, rulers or other extraneous objects in photos is undesirable unless they add aesthetic value.

·         Photos of fruit, flowers or foliage attached to a live plant are preferable to photos showing them severed and displayed artificially.

·         It is essential that the photo subject be in sharp focus.

·         Unfocused images are discouraged except in unusual cases, for a desired effect.

·         Fruits, buds, flowers, roots or any vegetative plant parts are suitable subjects, but all plants or plant parts displayed should be recognizable as a source of produce edible by humans. Pictures of plants grown strictly as ornamentals or for aroma, wood, animal feed, soil conservation or general landscaping are inappropriate. Cultivated or wild plants, including edible weeds, are acceptable.


General Rules

·         Anyone may enter.

·         No purchase is required.

·         Color prints and digital images will be accepted.

·         All photo prints and digital images entered become CRFG property and will not be returned.

·         By the submission of each entry, the entrant warrants that he or she is the creator of that image and grants to CRFG the right to reproduce the image in Fruit Gardener magazine and elsewhere, with attribution to the originator.

·         CRFG will duly consider each image for the prizes listed above and will award a prize to the entrant, or his or her assignee, for any image judged a winner.

·         Entries will be judged by the Development Fund Committee.

·         Winners will be announced and winning photos will be displayed on August 14, 2010, at the Festival of Fruit in Pomona, California.

·         There is no limit to the number of entries that can be submitted; however, no contestant will be eligible to win more than 2 prizes in this year’s contest.


Print Rules

·         Only color photos in print form will be accepted.

·         There is no limit to the number of prints that can be submitted.

·         The minimum print size that will be accepted is 3 inches by 5 inches.

·         Larger print sizes are preferred.

·         If possible, please send negatives along with prints.

·         A brief description with each image is requested, but simple identification of the subject is sufficient.

·         Do not write on the fronts of photos for any reason.

·         Do not write directly on the backs of photos; use pre-gummed labels on the backs of photos and write on the labels.

·         Pre-gummed labels on photo backs should also be used for the entrant’s name and address.

·         All entries must be received by July 5, 2010, and must be mailed to:


CRFG Development Fund Committee

Attn: Emory Walton

335 E. Gainsborough Rd.

Thousand Oaks, CA 91360


Digital Rules

·         Cameras with high resolution (pixel density greater than 1.6 megapixels) are strongly recommended for capturing images submitted to the contest.

·         If camera resolution is selectable, the setting for the highest possible image quality should be used.

·         Photo prints digitized using a flatbed scanner should be scanned with a minimum resolution setting of 300 dpi and a maximum setting of 600 dpi.

·         If a large print is available, scan it rather than enlarging a small print.

·         Software should not be used to alter the original pixel density of any image submitted.

·         Cropping and enhancements such as sharpness, color balance, contrast or brightness are permissible.

·         Images will only be accepted in jpeg (.jpg) file format.

·         No other compression (e.g., .zip or .sit) should be used on the file before transmitting it or saving it to a CD.

·         Digital Images may be submitted by postal mail, on a CD. Follow Print Rules for mailing instructions. Disk must be formatted to be readable by PC.

·         Entrants can go to and choose the Fruit Shoot 2010 album. Once in the album, select “Add Items” on the left side of the page. A menu will allow selection of the images the entrant wishes to upload from his or her computer. Include a brief description of each entry as a caption.

·         Send a notification to, including:

ü  full name

ü  mailing address

ü  e-mail address

ü  number of images submitted to the contest

ü  a brief description of each submitted image is requested, but simple identification of the subject is sufficient.

·         Digital entries may not be submitted before March 1, 2010. All entries must be uploaded by July 5, 2010, 11:59 PDT.



   DO NOT submit images containing watermarks, signatures or copyright information.


·         All entries to this contest become CRFG property, and the contestant relinquishes all rights except the right of attribution.

·         Send questions to