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The Indoor Citrus & Rare Fruit Society was founded by Walter L. Doty in late 1981, dedicated to the development and enjoyment of indoor fruit culture. Issue #1 was published in the summer of 1981. It discontinued publication with Issue #34, following the death of Mr. Doty in 1990. CRFG purchased the inventory and the reprint rights to all 34 issues. We currently have a number of originals left and will reprint articles from the out-of-stock issues. We will not reprint articles if the issue is still in stock.

Original issues available: 11, 20, 21, 23, 26, 27, 30, 31, 32.
Prices: US $2.50, Foreign surface $2.50, Foreign airmail $4.00

Reprints available from issues: 1-10, 12-19, 22, 24, 25, 28, 29, 33, 34.
Reprint prices: See Reprint prices page.

Contents are as follows:

ISSUE #11 - Fall 1984
English Fruits of 300 Years Ago:
Citrus: Report of Experiment, Northwest Washington.
Citrus & Geography in China:
Calamondin: Keeps Cool.
Calamondin Recipes: Supreme Cake, Bread, Tropical Bread, Holiday Cake, Pie
Australian Fingerlime:

ISSUE #23 - Fall 1987
Rare Fruit: Introducing the 10-Page Illustrated Chart.
Flying Dragon Rootstock: How Flying Dragon Dwarfs Various Citrus Varieties.
Budding & Grafting: The Basics of.

ISSUE #27 - Fall 1988
Cashew Fruit:
Avocados: These are the Dwarf Avocados.
Avocado Chart:
Persimmons: The American Persimmon. The Oriental Persimmon.
Mandarins: Introducing the Mandarin Chart.
Banana Update:
Persimmon Recipes: Baked Pudding, Eleanor Witherspoon's Pudding, Bread, Frozen Mousse, Cold Pudding.
Hesperides: Part 3 in a Series.

ISSUE #28 - Winter 1989
Propagating: 20 Rare Plants.
Catalog Search: and Propagation Chart:
Citrus Shop Talk: Salinity Mangement for Container Grown Trees. The Blood Oranges.
Persimmons Recipes: Chiffon Pie, Drop Cookies, Bundt Cake
Passionfruit Recipes: Punch Soup, Dressing, Milk Sherbert, Jelly
Rose Hips & Acerola:
Hesperides: Part 4 in a Series.
Citrus Facts:

ISSUE #32 - Winter II 1990
Citrus Terms:
Paw Paw: What They Say About, and Sources of Paw Paw
Salalberry: The Once and Future Fruit.
Salalberry Recipes: Jam and Jelly, Sauce, Syrup, Juice, Swizzle, Coracles or Tarts, Pie.
Mayhaw: An Edible Hawthorn.
Frost & Freezes: Good Ideas in the Fight of.
Lemon: The Power of.

ISSUE #33 - Spring 1990
Citrus Terms:
Calamondin: What They Say About.
Avocados: For Quality.
Evaluation of Cultivars: Cherimoya, White Sapote, Loquat, Feijoa, Pitanga, Jujubes.
Canary Islands: Horticultural Wanderings by C.A. Schroeder.

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