1988 Journal & Yearbook

Volume 20 - 1988 Journal
(Year of the Banana)

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The Year of the Banana
Walter V. Jerris
Brian Lievens
Banana Varieties and Synonyms
David Kier
Ensete: The Abyssinian Banana
William Drysdale
Orinoco: Reliable Cultivar
Louis Lopyan, M.D.
Banana Cultivars & Characteristics
H. Dale Sato
Ornamental Bananas
William Drysdale
Chemical Weed Control in Banana
C.L. Chia and R.K. Nishimoto
A Survey of Major Banana Cultivars
K. Shepherd
Bananas for Colder Climates
David Kier
Banana Blossoms: Gourmet's Delight
Banana Recipes
Dianne M. Hand
Backyard Frost Protection
David Silber
Summer Tasting of California Farms
Rare Fruit for the Water-Saving Garden
Alice Ramirez
A Pie in the Sky:
A Poem by Charles E. Estep
Apple Trees and Scions
Charles E. Estep
1988 Registrations
Previous Registrations
Information for Plant Registration

1988 Yearbook

out of print
Twenty Years of CRFG: How We Got Here (15 pgs.)
C. T. Kennedy
Growing Rare Fruit Organically (3 pgs.)
Claude Sweet
Disease Control for Deciduous Fruit Trees (2 pgs.)
Bob Fitzpatrick
Selected Horticultural Groups (2 pgs.)
Kittie W. Rau
Deciduous Fruit Tree Varieties, Low Chill Areas (1 pg.)
Bob Fitzpatrick
1988 Fruit Specialists (1 pg.)
Eunice Messner
Recommended Reading by Fruit Specialists (4 pgs.)
Kittie W. Rau
Foreign Nurseries for Tropical/subtropical fruits (1 pg.)
Eunice Messner
Method of Propagation (2 pgs.)
Claude Sweet
Selected Fruits for Bay Area Climates (2 pgs.)
Andrew Mariani
Selected Stone Fruits for Bay Area (5 pgs.)
Andrew Mariani
Rare Fruit Characteristics (2 pgs.)
Claude Sweet
The President's View of the Future: Fantasy or Prescience? (3 pgs.)
George A. Frickmann
Botanical Listing of Fruits, Nuts & Berries (10 pgs.)
Common Names (4 pgs.)
Family/Genus (Botanical order following Bailey, 1948) (2 pgs.)

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